Options for assessing the course act as “satisfactory” and “unsatisfactory” on Sociology

Options for assessing the course act as “satisfactory” and “unsatisfactory” on Sociology

A score of “satisfactory” is placed if:

– the writer regarding the course are an understands that are whole theoretical essence for the problem being examined;

– the utilization of this course task is performed primarily in conformity utilizing the theme, object, topic, function and objectives, the opted for methodology;

– coursework is descriptive;

– the techniques and ways of the research aren’t completely sufficient towards the methodology;

– only a few research practices meet all demands and / or are extracted from dependable sources;

– whenever analyzing the outcomes of this research, statistical data processing practices had been utilized that did maybe maybe not completely match to your tasks set;

– The test associated with the research are at minimum 10 individuals when it comes to making use of quantitative as well as minimum 3 situations when it comes to utilizing qualitative research methods (3 program). The test regarding the scholarly research are at minimum 20 people when you look at the situation of employing quantitative and also at minimum 5 situations within the situation of employing qualitative research techniques (4 program);

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